Indicative Savings

On average, Wright Cost Management Services will save clients 25% to 50% of costs on a wide range of categories.

The cost savings identified will have a direct impact on the bottom line of your business.

Implementing cost reductions and making savings requires a lot less effort than increasing revenues through sales, however it has the same net result.

A business enjoying 8% net profit margin would need to increase sales by almost €2m to impact the bottom line in the same way as €150k savings identification would.

All savings flow to the bottom line at 100% margin.
• Food (Savings 10%)
• Electricity (Savings 10%-15%)
• Landline Phones (Savings 15%-25%)
• Mobile Phones (Savings 15%-25%)
• Taxis (Savings 10%)
• Property Rental (Savings 10%-15%)
• Fuel – heating oil, natural gas, propane gas (savings 15%)
• Maintenance (Savings 25%)
• Pest Control (Savings 45%)
• Waste Management ( Savings 15%)
• Stationary (Savings 40%)
• Printing (Savings 20%)