Commercial Insurance

Employer/Public Liability,Business Interruption etc.


Landlines,Broadband and Mobile.

Water Consumption

Water saving audits and monitoring, Water saving products.


Gas Supplier selection, Tariff Negotiation,Market Intelligence.

Music & Entertainment

IMRO, PPI & Sky Sports.

Bank Charges

Management and transaction fees analysed. Historic charges reviewed and negotiated.

Commercial Rates

Local Authority Commercial Rates appealed/negotiated.

Waste Management

Recycling, Composting.

Management Accounting

Costing and budgeting, Management Accounts.


Electricity Supplier selection, Tariff Negotiation, Market Intelligence.


Cleaning, Maintenance, Security and other Service contracts negotiated.


Supplier selection and Rate Negotiation.

Lighting & Heating

Supplier selection and Rate Negotiation.


Product analysis, Supplier selection & price negotiations.

Pest Control

Employer/Public Liability,Business Interruption etc.

Chemicals & Detergents

Dispensing system options, Contract & Price negotiations.

Food & Beverage

Employer/Public Liability,Business Interruption etc.

Spa & Leisure

Product analysis, Supplier selection, Contract & price negotiation.

Merchant Services

PCI compliance, Rate reduction.

Health Insurance

Supplier selection and Rate Negotiation.

Health & Safety

Product analysis, Supplier selection, Contract & price negotiation.

Payroll Management

Payslips, Revenue P30’s, NERA, Human Resources.



Wright Cost Management Services works with a wide range of businesses to reduce their overall cost base, delivering up to 50% cost savings across a range of categories. Whether your organisation is a Commercial Enterprise or is Community focused, a School or a Solicitor’s Practice, a Retail Outlet or a Restaurant, a Motor Dealership or a Manufacturing concern, Wright Cost Management Services can implement an effective cost reduction strategy for you.

We analyse the products and services purchased and identify savings for you. We undertake full market comparisons to ensure you receive the best prices available. We focus on implementation, while you benefit from the cost savings delivered!

As we operate a No Savings…No Fee…policy, all projects are therefore cash flow positive. There is no risk when engaging Wright Cost Management Services to review your organisation’s cost.